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Dry lubricating films containing solid lubricants

Applying a Lubrication Coating Over Sliding Surfaces of Parts Reduces Friction and Wear
  • Dry film lubricants formulated with solid lubricants, such as molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), PTFE and graphite, and binders. Applied like a coating, they form a lubricating film at room temperature or after  being dried by heating.
  • Applicable to diverse parts, such as metals, plastics, and rubbers.
  • Ideal for applications aimed at improving initial running-in, wear resistance, adherence prevention and low friction performance, those involving locations where oil and other normal lubricants cannot be used, and those based on a desire to achieve a synergy effect with such lubricants.
To prevent wear of metal components.
To reduce the amount of oil and grease used for small components.
For oilless sliding parts.
To improve wear resistance or prevent adhesion of the rubber components.

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